Governor Newsom Once Again Singles Out Nail Salons, Lifting Restrictions On Hair Salons First

ORANGE COUNTY, CA- – Today former Senator Janet Nguyen is calling on Governor Newsom to life restrictions on nail salons to allow them to open on Monday, August 31st with the hair salons.

During the Governor’s COVID-19 update on Friday the Governor outlined a new four-tiered color-coded system for counties and when businesses can or not be reopened. It was announced the counties placed in purple tier like Orange County will allow for the reopening of hair salons.

Nail salons, like most businesses, were shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, unlike most businesses, the industry is facing some of the harshest restrictions despite their efforts to work with the Governor on creating a safe environment for workers and customers.

“Enough is enough,” said Senator Janet Nguyen. “Despite our efforts to prove to Governor Newsom that nail salons can put practices in place to protect both workers and customers, the industry is still being singled out. These small businesses and families are struggling to survive, yet the Governor refuses to help them. They have done everything asked of them in hopes for a chance to provide for their family. I urge the Governor to immediately allow nail salons to reopen with the state’s safety guidelines that has been put into practice to protect the employees and customers.” 

The closures have been specifically harmful to the Vietnamese-American community. In California approximately 80% of the nail salons and nail technicians are Vietnamese-Americans. This is the single largest job sector for the Vietnamese community.

View the letter from former Senator Janet Nguyen to the Governor asking him to lift restrictions on nail salons. You can also sign the ongoing petition to reopen nail salons at www.JanetForAssembly.com.

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