Start NOW to Rebuild our Economy

The Coronavirus and the government shutdowns have done great harm to our local economy. Small businesses are closing and working families are hurting.  


Repeal AB 5

AB 5 needs to be repealed. This new law has harmed our economy and thrown thousands of independent workers out of work. AB 5 has been especially devastating in our district, where many peoples choose to work for themselves.

Fix Unemployment Backlog

Workers should not have to wait months to receive their unemployment checks. The state must do a better job of delivering unemployment assistance to out-of-work families. I support a full audit of the Employment Development Department to find out what went wrong and how to fix things.

State Tax Relief

The surest way to get our economy back on track is to allow people to keep more of their hard earned money. California state income tax is the highest in the nation. I propose 50% reduction in the state income tax to help us recover from this recession.

Invest in Education

Once it's safe to open up the schools, we need to make sure all students can be brought up to speed quickly. That starts by making sure our education dollars are not eaten up in Sacramento and actually make it to the classroom. Giving parents more choices is also important. We need to encourage the development of more choice in education and make sure schools are fully funded. 

Assist Stay at Home Workers

As a working mother of two school-age sons, I know how hard it is to juggle all the responsibilities of being a good parent. The Covid-19 pandemic has made things much worse.  To encourage businesses to allow employees to work from home the Legislature should enact incentives, such as tax credits.  Giving families more flexibility in their work schedule is especially important as we work to recover from the pandemic.

Save Prop 13 by defeating the Split Roll Ballot Measure

I have always been a strong supporter of Prop. 13 and am proud to be endorsed by the Hoard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. The latest attack on Prop. 13 is Proposition 15 on the November ballot.  This is a massive tax increase that will mean higher rents and prices for everything. It will hit small businesses especially hard. Increasing taxes in the middle of a pandemic-caused recession is a terrible idea.

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